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 Northwave boots – up to 50% off !!
Bad fitting boots WILL spoil your day on the mountain or even in the Snowdome.

Come and get fitted out with new Northwave Snowboard boots and we will ensure you are measured properly so your boots fit you as they should.  Also, now is the best time to buy new boots as most of the boots are reduced by up to 50%. Not only this but if you ride snowdomes then you’re feet will get accustomed to  your new boots, the boots will become slightly softer and mould better to your feet way before next winter season.

Ski & Snowboard Servicing – We are still open for summer….

We continue to offer Ski & Snowboard Servicing right through the summer months, so if you need you’re gear servicing for next winter, we can offer a summer service and storage wax now and when winter comes we will remove the storage wax and finish the skis or snowboards ready for the start of winter season at no extra cost. This means we can get any repairs completed before the mad winter rush and you will be first in the queue to get you’re gear back ready to go when winter hits.

Please call us on 0121 423 1160 or  07812 141742 prior to leaving to arrange drop off.

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