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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Welcome to Autumn and all the natural beauty that comes with it. As the trees leaves turn into  golden hues as they get ready to go to sleep for the winter, why not give your health and well being a boost by gliding gracefully down the river while taking it all in. If you have already completed your Gold lesson with us and completed a river run, why not come on a longer tour of the River Severn or River Wye with us ? Click HERE to book

Still looking to buy your first Paddleboard ? We have just a few entry level/intermediate O’Brien Paddleboards left. They are a top quality, complete, Paddleboard Package at a very reasonable price. Grab them HERE while you can as there is still a national shortage of them. For up to date info on gear and sessions, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.Ski Snowboard Watersports Surf Skate

Devine Ride, Ski Snowboard Watersports Surf , are offering beginner to advanced Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons (SUP) all year round. Why not give a gift voucher for a Birthday or Christmas present. Come and give it a try and ask your friends and family to come along for a fun filled introductory session. Click HERE for details.

For past sessions take a look at our Facebook page HERE

In the meantime, if you already SUP or are a Surfer or into other water sports then take a look at our Surf Accessories range and our SUP Board and accessories range. Or why not drop into our Halesowen Watersports shop to see the gear in the flesh.

All year round Ski and Snowboard Gear Shop

Still looking for Ski or Snowboard Boots ? Devine Ride Ski Snowboard Watersports Surf ,offer a free boot fitting service all year round, when you buy your boots from us. If you would like  a face to face chat and have us do an assessment of your current boots and feet, then we can arrange an appointment for you. Please contact us as above by email to book yourself in or use the boot fitting appointment page by clicking here

Skateboard Sale !!!

Loads of deals on Skateboard decks, trucks, wheels and accessories

Ski Snowboard Watersports Surf Skate

Summer and Autumn Wetsuits now available at Devine Ride, Ski Snowboard Watersports Surf

Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Skateboard Surf

As it starts to cool down you might want a thicker wetsuit to “take the edge off” the cold water.

We have a range of wetsuits  built for all seasons. Multiple sizes and lengths to suit almost everyone.

You wont find a  range of wetsuits of this build  quality for this price. If you require other water sports accessories, please give us a call on 0121 423 1160 or 07812 141742 to discuss your requirements.

 Wax up Your Skis and Boards For Summer Storage

Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Skateboard Surf

Now’s the time to get you’re Skis and Snowboards serviced so you don’t have to rush around right at the last minute and find out that you have damage that you hadn’t noticed when you last used your kit.

If we are at the end of the season and you don’t wish to use them at domes through the summer then we recommend getting them prepared for storage. We will make any repairs and finish them with storage wax. Once the new season hits then you can  bring them back in and we will remove the storage wax and add extra wax as necessary at NO EXTRA COST.  In most cases we can do this “while you wait”. This means you are ready to rip at the drop of a hat, so if the good snow drops and you need to get out there quickly, then you wont have to worry about getting your gear serviced at the last minute.

Good maintenance is key to your gear lasting you through many winters and giving you the best return on your investment.

Do you service your gear yourself ? We have a full range of tools, vices, waxes to make the job easier. Check out the service tools here.

Please call us on 0121 423 1160 or  07812 141742 prior to leaving to arrange drop off for servicing.