Back Packs

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Dakine back packs offer various types of backpacks to suit everyone needs.  Weather its for every days back pack, work, school, universities, day out packs, cycling. or mountain walks. winter holidays or weekend trips. They come in various designs and colours. suitable for  Men and women to children packs.

Dakine back packs features  back protectors, built in whistles, plenty of pockets with zips adjustable carrying straps.


Gear up for travel this season with ACCESSORIES  to help with every day life.Everything you’ll need Dakine ACCESSORIES range are here.

Dakine offers a wide selection of  quality products and have been making Snow, Surf , Skate and Bike accessories since the 1960’s. Their attention to detail and affordability make their products functional, reliable and will stand the test of time both in style and in wear and tear.