Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Tuition Maintenance

Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Tuition Maintenance

Would you like to learn Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Tuition Maintenance ?

There’s less to it than you might first think. Almost any Skiers or Snowboarders can apply a coat of wax, scrape and finish the base to a reasonably good standard. But of course, it’s “how” you apply it and how you scrape and finish it. Its the final techniques  that makes all the difference to how the Skis or Board will glide.

From simple DIY edge sharpening to advanced base and wax preparation, we want you to get the best performance and return on investment for your Skis and Snowboards as you possibly can – good maintenance is key to this.

We can offer tuition on any day  except Sunday in the summer season from May to October.

There is limited availability in the Winter months as we get too busy to be able to offer the tuition  but we won’t rule it out. Just give us a call  or email us and we’ll check the diaries.

The cost for the tuition is £50.00 on a one to one basis or £45.00 per person for groups of 2 people in the same session (why not bring a friend ?) All tools and waxes are included and why not bring your own Skis or Board to work on. You’ll end up with a free service if you do.

The DIY course is a full morning or afternoon session depending on your requirements or our availability.

So whats covered and included ?

  • Basic Ski and Snowboard construction and current manufacturer trends
  • Technical terminology
  • Edge angle analysis
  • Base and side edge sharpening.
  • Advanced edge polishing and honing
  • Temporary base repairs
  • Pre-waxing base preparation
  • The waxing process
  • Base finishing and polishing
  • Use of workshop materials ,tools and waxes
  • Supporting tuition PDF notes and images to refer back to
  • Either bring your own equipment to work and get a free service or use our own test equipment.
  • Anyone who attends a tuition session can then purchase tuning equipment at a 15% discount. If you then continue to buy your wax and tools from us then we’ll give you 10% discount each time you buy.
  • Tea and coffee making facilities

Interested ? Fill in our contact form to enquire about available dates.

In the meantime, if you already do your own Ski Snowboard Servicing Tuning Tuition Maintenance then take a look at your range of Ski and Snowboard servicing and tuning tools here.

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