Ski Snowboard Boots How to Measure Guide

Snowboard Boots How to Measure Guide

in this Snowboard Boots How to Measure Guide, we aim to give you an insight into the Mondopoint measuring system, and how to measure your foot length and width in a simple and easy way.

This system can be used for Ski Boots too. However, seeing as Ski Boots are a lot less comfortable compared to Snowboard Boots due to the way they are made, they are harder to fit to the foot. It’s always better to get Ski Boots fitted properly by us in store. We have the tools to  stretch the Ski Boots, alter length, width, heel box, toe box, boot sole and heat mold the liners and foot beds. Many other adjustments can be made if required.

Snowboard boots on the other hand, although they can be stretched very slightly, they have most of their fitting achieved, by heat molding the liners and/or choosing a narrow, regular or wide fitting boot. We can advise you on this if you wish to order online or you are not sure.

It is always better to get into our shop, just outside Birmingham and try a few pairs on but we appreciate that this can be difficult and some people prefer to buy Ski and Snowboard Boots online. So,  the next best thing is to measure your feet yourself.

The Mondopoint or “Mondo” system, for short, is used the world over. It is basically a measurement of the insole length of your shoe or boot in centimetres.

This can equate to your actual foot length however, depending on your foot width, could mean you might need to size up by 5mm or down by 5mm.

To help you find this size, we provide a printable size guide template to measure the length and the width of your foot with precision. You can download this guide in a PDF  file right here:-


In order to use the size guide, make sure it is up to scale once you’ve printed it. 1 centimetre on the paper must be 1 centimetre long. Once you got this right, place the size guide against a wall and place one of your feet on it. Draw a line on the guide at the end of your longest toe and another one to mark the width of your foot. Ask for help if you can, measures will be more precise.

In order to find out your boot size, just read the MondoPoint value (MP) on your first mark. To read the width, check where your second mark falls. You’ll find out if you have a narrow, medium or wide foot.

Now that you know your size and width, you can easily determine what Snowboard boot size or if a Ski boot, then your last (width), will suit you best.

If you are still not sure that you have completed your measurements correctly,  we are always on hand to help over the phone by calling us on 0121 423 1160 or 07812 141742