Sale Snowboard Boots

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Sale Snowboard Boots

If you are looking for discounted Snowboard boots  from a top quality brands out of Ski and Snowboarding season, then you have come to the right place.

We can offer up to 50% discount off retail prices for Snowboard Boots. Our motto is “don’t let bad fitting Snowboard boots spoil your day on the mountain”.

Now is an ideal time to start thinking of getting them fitted to give yourself plenty of time to get accustomed to them while at the same time saving yourself some hard earned  cash. Its a no brainer right ?

Even if you don’t do Snowdomes in the summer months then you can wear them around the house to allow them to stretch and you can check for a good fit .

The extra warmth in the summer means your feet will get up to temperature quicker and thereby fill out the boot liner quicker while also allowing the liner to mould quickly to your feet.

Our range of Northwave and Nitro boots fit a good varierty of feet and generally suit the average width to slightly wider feet.

The majority of Northwave Snowboard boots have the patented super lace (SL) system which means they have a 360 or 540 heel hold systems to minimise heel lift.