Ski Boots & Boot Fitting Service

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Ski Boots & Boot Fitting Service

More and more Skiers and Snowboarders are buying their own hardware these days. The main reason for this is familiarity with equipment. Its almost like putting on an old tried and trusted pullover where you instantly know you will feel warm and comfortable in it. The same goes for Ski and Snowboard boots, the second you step into them you’re mind and body instantly knows what to do and boost confidence and ability.

We stock a range of Skis All Mountain Freeride Park to suit most abilities and budgets.  Whether you prefer just piste all day or like a bit all different types of terrain, we’ve got it covered. If you dont see any model or brand then please contact us as we can usually get it for you and possible price match or even beat the price you found.

We also stock Ski boots and offer a ski boot fitting service for free as part of the purchase. We can offer customisation if required which can vary from footbed insoles to boot shell stretching.

We want you to enjoy you’re days on the mountain and the last thing you want is badly fitted boots after you have shelled out all that money