Surf Board Tail Traction Pads

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Surf Board Tail Traction Grip Pads High 3M Adhesion

Our Surf Board Tail Traction Grip Pads High 3M Adhesion provides experienced surfers substantial back foot traction and grip and slightly less experienced surfers a great way to get your back foot in the right place without being slippy while surfing. This is a crucial component for turning your Surfboard, whether a thruster, hybrid or longboard. We stock a good selection of designs and colours in 3 and 5 piece types.

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SUP and watersports clothing can often  be a difficult choice at times as you don’t want to be cold but you don’t want to get too hot either. For SUP on a river, lake or canal we recommend wearing a rash guard and surf shorts or if in the sea then a wet suit . Both will give you good sun protection on the water but also keep you warm and dry but without overheating you.

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