Dakine Stomp pad fixing instructions

Dakine Stomp pad fixing instructions

Many of you have asked this question on the best way to fix a stomp pad.

We sell the Dakine range of stomp pads and stomp mats and although there are fixing instructions in the package, we prefer to use the following method both for star studs, mats and other types of stomps too:-

  1. Clean the area where you’re going to fix the stomp with alcohol wipes (from your medicine cabinet or at worst, use vodka)
  2. Get a blow dryer and heat the area up till its nice and warm but don’t overdo it, just so its warm to the back of your hand.
  3. Grab you boot and position the boot in front of your rear binding to get the approximate place where you want your stomp to be and mark the area with bits of masking tape.
  4. Place the the studs or stars or matt in the area you just marked out check the position. You can use a tape measure to get the centre of you’re board if you want to and mark it with a felt tip pen or masking tape.
  5. Decide on the pattern if you bought the stars or studs (we use the plastic carton as a template to mark the positions of the studs with a sowing needle)
  6. Ensure area is still warm and dry and grease free
  7. Peel back the the adhesive paper on the back of the studs or matt
  8. Carefully position the stars, studs or matt and apply pressure.
  9. Find something flat and heavy like a piece of wood and put in on top of the stomp. Put further weight on top of the wood to really weight it down.
  10. Leave it in a warm room overnight and your done.

Any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone, email via the website or via facebook, google or twitter.

Have fun.