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Ski Snowboard Boot Fitting.

Good fitting Ski and Snowboard boots are “key” to you enjoying you days on the mountain. They are the ONE piece of equipment you should get right from the start. If you have ever hired your boots in the past then you are in for a big surprise once you have your own. The difference is absolutely amazing and you will wonder why you never got your own boots before now.

Ski Snowboard Boot Fitting

Your boots are the first point of contact between you and your skis or snowboard. Think of it as a chain reaction, you move your feet, which move your boots, which move your bindings which are connected to your skis or board which is of course connected to the snow. Different types of poor fitting boots will change how responsive your Skis or Snowboards are on the snow. Our Ski Snowboard Boot Fitting service will help you get over this problem.

If your boots are too big, your feet move around so you don’t get an immediate response from your equipment when you push into a turn, this means with every movement you are over compensating which not only gives you a bad technique but increases fatigue. Plus your poor toes get shunted around the inside of the boot causing blistering, foot cramps and other ailments such as bruised/black or even in-growing toe nails!

If your boots are too small,  which is less common as people tend to buy their boots too big in the first place, not trusting that they are going to ‘give’ a few vital mm with use (which of course they do!) But a boot fitted too tightly can cause blisters, painful cramps, nail damage and possible further complications later on. Plus if your feet hurt you are less likely to do more runs so in effect you are missing valuable slope time!

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Boot Fitting Comfort Warranty

Ski & Snowboard boots can be very subjective in terms of fit and comfort. This is why we always ensure before you leave the shop after your fitting that you are 100% happy.

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