Ski Snowboard Tuning Advice

Ski Snowboard Tuning Advice

Edge Burn

Recently we were asked a question on a condition known as “edge burn” on a Snowboard base. This condition can occur on any Ski or Snowboard base but more commonly on extruded bases. The symptoms of this condition show up as white or grey patches or what looks like blistered wax near the edges of the board. The main cause can be lack of regular waxing and subsequently the overheating of the base due to friction. Eventually the base material wears down and the structure is destroyed and it cannot hold wax like it once did. If you ride boxes or rails, the heat generated can get quite high which can also cause a drying effect of the wax on the base which again can contribute to the base material wearing down.

To remedy this condition, you “can” get a base grind done to re-add the structure. The alternative to this is if you don’t like the idea of a base grind is add various layers of hard and soft waxes which once a few layers are built up can create a fairly good barrier against the heat generated as mentioned above. If you want further details of how to undertake the multiple wax layer method then please drop us a line to

Alternatively we can quote for the doing the work for you.

This is all academic if you aren’t too concerned about the gliding performance of your board or skis. If you are an out and out jibber then I wouldn’t be too concerned and just wax before each session.

edge_burn_oxidationThe image here shows a badly oxidised base but also shows evidence of edge burn too. Oxidisation can occur and can also compound the effect of edge burn due to lack of regular waxing and maintenance. I have noticed that Snowdome Snow seems to accelerate this more than natural snow, probably due its rather sugary and coarse texture which seems to add to the heat and “drying” effect of the base.

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