Inflatable SUP and Hard Hull SUP Paddle Boarding

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Inflatable SUP and Hard Hull SUP Paddle Boarding is the next new board sport that;s gaining popularity due to its ease of getting into without too much training. Paddle down the river, paddle in the sea, paddle in canals, paddle on the reservoir or Lake. If there’s water then go explore. The Paddle boards come in a variety of sizes, shapes and come in Inflatable or Hard hull. iSUP (inflatable stand up paddle boards) are great on inland water like lakes, rivers and canals while hard hull boards are more suited to surfing waves.

Another advantage of iSUP is that they pack away down to a back pack sized piece of luggage you can take on a plane as sports equipment. Most of our inflatable SUP’s (or iSUP for short) come with a carry bag. Some have wheels and some have back pack straps. Some have both.

We have various brands of Paddleboards in our range and we offer you the chance to test them. All you need to do is book a lesson if you are a newbie, or a river tour if you already a keen SUP enthusiast with the necessary experience.To book a lesson or river tour, click HERE