Snowboard Servicing

Snowboard Servicing

Price List 2020/2021 SeasonP-tex-board

All of the following services are performed by hand and are hand finished (except items marked **)

If you visit the workshop and we are not there for any reason, then there’s a chance we may have popped out for something. We are only a few minutes away so please feel free to call us on 0121 423 1160 or 07812 141742 to arrange a suitable drop off time and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Please note, each wax cycle is completed as follows:-

Pre-structure, hot wax hand applied with a waxing iron, scraped,brushed, and re-structured,brushed again. Further polishing/structuring and finishing will be completed depending on the service chosen below.

Base Wax Only – £19.00

Hand waxing only (1 wax cycle), basic base structuring finished with Zardoz.

Hot wax and scrape base clean – £10.00

Hot wax applied and removed while wax is still warm in order to clean the base of old wax and dirt. This process is completed twice.

Standard Service – Base Wax and Side Edge Sharpening – £29.50

Hand waxing (1 wax cycle as above), hand finishing, standard base structuring, basic side edge sharpening, finished with Zardoz Teflon Wax overlay. If base edge cleanup (without reset) required this will be charged and extra £2.00

Intermediate Service £44.50

Minor P-tex repair, Base Grind as required ,full custom edge tune, custom structuring, hand waxing (2 wax cycles), hand finishing and polishing with a final Zardoz Teflon Wax overlay.

Full Service £51.00

Consists of Full P-tex repair, Full Base Grind **, full custom edge tune, structuring, custom waxing (3 wax cycles), hand finishing and various polishing cycles for maximum glide and performance. Finally finished with Zardoz Teflon Wax overlay.

Additional Wax cycle £7.00

Other repairs

Snowboard Servicing :- Core damage, edge damage, topsheet damage etc. can be quoted for independently once the initial inspection has been carried out.

We offer concessionary pricing for servicing for Ski Clubs and Snowboard Clubs, groups or associations. Please call us or email us for details.

** by quotation only Terms and conditions apply – available on request – e&eo.