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Smith Bern Ski  Snowboard Skate Bike Helmets

Helmets by Bern and Smiths both offer all season use, with variety of styles, colours and patterns, but provides protection at all times.

The Bern Helmet have removable ear pads therefore not only can they be use for skiing and snowboarding but also for other sports such as cycling, wall climbing, skateboarding.

Bern Team Baker, Watts, team Macon are just a few of their popular models they offer.Which also come in various colours for men, women and children .But also keep you protected and safe.

Bern is a lifestyle action sports company  which they specialise in head protection for non -motorised action sports. A family run business since 2004. They are passionate in the safety factor and well as their snow sports.

Bern have a good range of goggles and audio equipment that can be used with their helmets.

Smith offers a good selection too.