Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike

Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike

A range of Skateboards, Surf, Bike and Surf hardware, clothing and accessories.

As we have grown here at Devine Ride, so have our ranges.  Customers demanded for us to stock gear for other action sports.

We are now stocking a new range of Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike gear this season and adding to our range continually.

From a freestyle skate deck and skateboard trucks to stand up paddle boards and wet suits in brands to suit most pockets without compromising on quality and functionality.

Please check back for updates or subscribe via the link on right hand side for newsletters. Feel free to visit our bricks and mortar shop to check out the gear in the flesh. We also have a range of equipment to try out if you feel you want to try before you buy to absolutely sure of what you are investing your hard earned cash in.

New for 2018:-

Surf Board Bags

Dakine have been around for over 30 years and are renowned for making some of, if not the best Surf, Snow, Skate and Bike gear bags . With attention to detail for styling and functionality, you wont find many brands that can rival them. The bags are bomb proof in their construction so you won’t be looking to buy a new one for quite a few years. This gear is built to last which is a refreshing change in this “throw away” society day and age. Whether you are looking for a Surf bag for a Thruster, a Noserider or a Hybrid shape, we have you covered.

Surf and SUP Stand up Paddleboard Leashes

From entry level leashes to Pro model leashes, take your pick.  Dakine sponsor a number of pro surfers which work with Dakine to ensure they perform to a high standard. We stock them all in different gauges and lengths to suit your board length and style of riding. Do you prefer an ankle leash or a calf leash  on your longboard ? We stock both types in different lengths.  Circle One leashes are a slightly cheaper alternative to the Dakine brand but none the less very well constructed and will give you years of  use.


Need some extra grip on your Surf Board ? We have 3 and  5 piece Surf Deck Pads. These traction pads offer a super lightweight, unbelievable grip. Most pads feature an extra kick tail on them and bevelled edges to reduce drag. All Dakine pads are stuck down with 3M adhesive so once they are on they are on.

Surf Rash Guards  and Sun Protection

Don’t want to wear a full wet suit  as you’re going to surf warm waters ? A rash guard is a good option and can save you from getting blotchy skin rashes from abrasion from lying on your board. Not only this, if you are out in the surf all day then it will also protect you from the sun as most of our range offer UV protection. A rash vest is also a good option to wear on a SUP (stand up paddle board) as they are fairly wind proof, dry off quickly and protect you from the sun.

Surf board Roof Rack Pads and Tie Down Straps

Need something to protect your boards and car or can roof ? We stock various lengths and sizes in rack pads and tie down straps in a variety of designs to add “cool” to your vehicle.

Surf Waxes

We stock environmentally friendly Butta Surf wax in different temperatures. This wax has been developed  and tested by the Butta crew to be totally bio degradable and work in conjunction with Surfers Against Sewage

Here at Devine Ride, we feel very stongly about protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy. A man once wrote into a song lyric, ” We satisfy our endless needs to justify our bloody deeds”. Strong words, but very true.

The latest discoveries brought to light in the news about our Oceans being full of plastic is just one of the atrocites we need to put right. We cannot continue to damage our Eco systems in the way that we do now but if we all spread the word in how we can help reverse it ,then hopefully we can secure a positive future for our planet. Read this article by LAURA PARKER
about how Plastic is Killing Our Ocean



Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike


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Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike




Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike

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Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike


Skateboards Skate Decks Trucks Skate Wheels Surfing Bike




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