Surfboard Carry Transport Protection Bags All Styles

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Surfboard Carry Transport Protection Bags All Styles

 Our range of Surfboard Carry Transport Protection Bags All Styles, are built to last. Being constructed from top quality materials, they will last you a lifetime while still looking good. The bags are made from materials like Cordura, which is a tough material made to take knocks and scuffs. Our other knitted bags are made from thick acrylic materia, tol reduce knocks and scuffs. They are also fairly tear resistant to fins.

You can complement your Surf gear with other accessories like our Surfboard Leashes, Watersports Hydration Back Packs and Hats

Surf and watersports clothing can often  be a difficult choice at times as you don’t want to be cold but you don’t want to get too hot either. For surfing on warm days or in warmer climates,  we recommend wearing a rash guard and surf shorts or if in the sea in colder climates then a wet suit . Both will give you good sun protection on the water but also keep you warm and dry but without overheating you. If you are winter surfing then opt for a fully sealed winter 5/4/3 wetsuit.

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