Snowboarding Boots

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Snowboard Boots sold professionally fitted West Midlands

Buy Salomon, Thirtytwo, Northwave  and Nitro Snowboard Boots online. If you want to buy them online and can’t get to our shop then please chekck out our boot fitting sizing guide here, before buying them.

Or even better, if you can visit our West Midlands shop and try a few pairs on. you will feel the difference between brands and models. We will ensure you get a nice fit and we will fit them and heat mould them for you for free.

Get your Snowboard Boots sold professionally fitted West Midlands and we will ensure we spend the time with you to ensure the perfect fit. We have always given our customers a personal shopping experience on a one to one basis. We want you to enjoy Snowboarding as much as possible seeing as you have invested money in the sport. Snowboard boots are the very first thing you should buy even before considering a snowboard and bindings. They are the most important part of your kit as they need to fit correctly as the last thing you want is foot pain while on the hill. If you don’t have foot pain then you can then concentrate on the task in hand –  perfecting your snowboarding technique and having fun.

We can safely say that you’ll be glad you bought your own boots, especially if you have been renting them for previous Snow holidays. The difference between your own Snowboard boots and rental is amazing.

Give us a call on 0121 423 1160 to arrange a fitting appointment or contact us by email to arrange a fitting.