Ski Snowboard Skateboard Watersports Shop Blog

Ski Snowboard Skateboard Watersports Shop Blog

Ski Snowboard Skateboard Watersports Shop Blog

An informative Ski Snowboard Skateboard Watersports Shop Blog about the world of sports that we sell equipment for and teach.

Our aim is to keep anyone participating in these sports whether it be social media followers or existing customers, abreast of  emerging technologies and new equipment  coming onto the market.

We also want to share tips and tricks on how to use and maintain your equipment to get the best out of it.

As we also offer tuition in SUP, or Stand Up Paddleboarding,  we also want to keep you informed of great places to SUP.

We want to share our thoughts on places we’ve been and places we want to go.

1 thought on “Ski Snowboard Skateboard Watersports Shop Blog

  1. Sean Devine Post author

    As the weather warms up, its time to get your summer gear out ready for the nice sunny days ahead. We’ve already started and Its been a pleasure to get out onto the river recently on the SUP boards and cruise down the River Severn without a care in the world. Its been a really lifting experience seeing the local wildlife building nests getting ready to have their young.

    The whole different perspective from a stand up paddleboard is amazing. If we were in kayaks, we wouldn’t see half of what we see from high up. There is a certain kind of calm on the river when paddling down it. All you can here is the lapping of water against the hull of the SUP and the odd splash of fish jumping. The odd cry of a Moorhen and the raucous laughing “quack” of the ducks.

    We’re looking forward to more days like these. Long may it continue.

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