Waxing Iron Kunzman 2200 for Travel Home Tuner


Waxing Iron Kunzman2200 for Travel|Home Tuner free Scraper

Don’t use one of these cheap Tesco irons as they will end up burning your base and totally kill your wax off. Burnt wax loses the properties it needs to stay slippy. Put it on too cool and again its not doing what it was designed for.

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Waxing Iron Kunzman 2200 for Travel Home Tuner

This Waxing Iron Kunzmann 2200 for Travel|Home Tuner and Scraper is ideal for travel and domestic use. Thick base gives a great even heat distribution, quality thermostat and electronics, maintains the heat more accurately and is one of the best value for money waxing irons on the market for what it offers,

Don’t think for a minute that these irons are the same as a cheap Tesco or Argos iron. Chances are you will damage and burn your base by overheating it OR not heat your wax to the correct temperature in which case, you are wasting your time. Too much heat will damage the chemical properties of the wax and too little heat won’t allow correct penetration and distribution of the wax into the Ski or Snowboard base material.

Waxing iron features

  • Temperature control dial.
  • Working temperature indicator.
  • perfect for the home service and tuner who waxes every now and then, saving you money and keeping your gear in tip top condition
  • ready to wax heat inidicator light
  • quick heat up time
  • ribbed sole plate to help distribute the wax more evently
  • base doc for when not in use


  • At Devine Ride Halesowen. West Midlands. we sell equipment that you need for servicing your skis or snowboard, we even do courses to show you how its done. If you don’t fancy doing the repairs, we can offer repair service in our shop.

Additional information

Weight 78 kg
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.5 × 3 cm


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