Two Bare Feet Paddle Board 300 cm Sport Air Teal


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Two Bare Feet Paddle Board 300 cm Sport Air Teal

This Two Bare Feet Paddle board 300 cm Sport Air Teal is part of  a range of quality inflatable paddle boards at an affordable price.

This board will suit  anyone who wants to buy their first board and needs the board to be a good all rounder and also good in the surf.

These boards offer a good level of construction over some more expensive equivalent boards.

Featuring a premium Fusion DWF (Double Wall Fusion Laminated PVC) and a single air chamber design.

This model of board also has the advantage of having an extra layer of PVC on the underside. This adds extra strength, is extra hard wearing and gives added  stiffness.

Incorporating medium density drop stitching with a good selection of “D” ring anchor points all around the boards  circumference. Cargo nets are also included on the nose or tail.

You can add additional cargo nets and bungees between the D rings if required.

Two Bare Feet Paddle boards come in a variety of lengths and widths to suit different levels of riders.

We also stock other brands suited to racing and specific boards suited to SUP surfing.

For  help in choosing a SUP board then please call us on 0121 423 1160 or 07801 258704 or email us via the CONTACT FORM

The boards come with a dual action pump, repair outfit, carry bag, leash and an aluminium 3 piece collapsible paddle.

We use these Two Bare Feet Two Bare Feet Paddle board 300 cm Sport Air Teal for teaching on at DR-SUP, our Acadamey of Surf Instructor accredited learning centre. If you want to try the Two Bare Feet  iSUP Stand Up Paddle boards or  any of our other boards, then take an introduction lesson with us for an hour and half. This will teach you the correct and safest way to use your board and get the best out of it.

You can find details of our SUP lessons HERE

We also offer O’Brien, BIC SUP and Circle One boards in inflatable and hard hull varieties for those who are already enjoying this fast growing and fun sport. Contact us for more details.

Features of this board:

Length: 10’0″ (300 cm)
Width: 33″ (84 cm)
Depth: 4.75″ (12 cm)
Material Construction: Fusion DWF Double Wall PVC with triple layer underside
Air Chambers: Single drop-stitched air chamber (22.5psi rated)
Board Volume: 230 Litres (Approximately)
Board Weight: 10.5kg
Maximum Payload: 115 kg (253 lbs)
Recommended Payload: 98 kg (216 lbs)
Intended Use: All round, Surfing and Whitewater use
Fin Setup: 2 small 2.5″ sidebite fins, plus 1 large 9″ removable centre fin (2 + 1)
D-Rings: 4 deck mounted accessory D-rings + 1 tail-mounted leash attachment + 1 towing D-ring underneath the nose
Deckgrip: Heat moulded diamond pattern EVA
Straps: Centre mounted carry handle
Bungee Storage: Standard storage capacity

About the dimensions of this board

The 10’0″ length of this design is considered relatively short for an inflatable paddleboard; making this board both maneuverable and manageable. This minimises nosediving while catching waves and also reduces the swinging mass at the front of the board while performing turns.

The 33″ width of this design is considered moderate for a Surf-oriented paddleboard. While generally less stable than a wider board, this creates a decent blend between stability and maneuverability with minimal drag and improved tracking ability that suits smaller and more experienced riders perfectly. The pinched nose and tail shape creates a rounded template shape that allows for improved maneuverability; especially when shifting weight towards the back of the board.

The 4.75″ thickness of this board affords a decent amount of board volume whilst also keeping the centre of gravity of the board low to the surface of the water. This helps create stability for the rider, especially in choppy conditions and when riding waves; provided that you are not exceeding the recommended payload for the board.

This board is supplied complete with our Two Bare Feet Starter Accessory Pack. These accessories add an additional 4kg to the weight of your board when packed together into the drybag.

The Two Bare Feet Starter Pack includes all of the following accessories

– Your choice of paddleboard
– Two Bare Feet Essential 3-piece aluminium SUP paddle
– Bravo 4 dual action SUP pump with inflate / deflate functions and pressure gauge
– Removable 8.5″ Polyethylene centre fin
– 90 Litre PVC drybag backpack for storage of your board
– Deluxe SUP coil leash
– PVC repair kit with valve tightening wrench
– Online user guide
– Warranty registration card (1 year warranty from date of purchase)

This SUP comes with a Aluminium Paddle as standard.  If you want to upgrade your paddle for a more advanced option then of course we’ve got a few options you can choose from. The bamboo/carbon paddles provide the highest performance with their minimal weight and snappy responsiveness; ideal for long stand up paddle adventures.

Make sure to check out some of our additional accessories designed to protect you, your gear, and to just make things easier. Also, make sure you have a good SUP Buoyancy Aid. Depending one where you are paddling, there are different rules and regulations regarding Buoyancy Aids.. No matter what those rules are, your safest bet is to have one with you.

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