Tensor Mag-Light Regular Truck Silver 5.5


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Tensor Mag-Light Regular Truck Silver 5.5

There’s a damned good reason why these Tensor Mag-Light Regular Truck Silver 5.5 are  a very popular truck in the USA. Its their innovative and new technology that no other truck can boast. The Kingpin and the axle are hollow in order to get the ultimate lightweight and performance truck and now in these new colourways.

Now with improved Geometry for tighter turns and 30% lighter than other brands and un-rivalled strength.


The width of the trucks should roughly match the deck. The truck size either specifies the width of the truck itself (axle width) or the width of its hanger.

  • 30% lighter than any other trucks on the market without sacrificing strength
  • New all terrain geometry
  • Taller trucks for less wheel bite
  • Interlocking bushes for better control
  • Reinforced hangers for more strength
  • Best Grind, Best Turn, lifetime guarantee


Board Width: Truck Width
7.5” – 7.8” 5.0”
7.8” – 8.2” 5.25”
8.25” – 8.75” 5.5”, 5.8”
8.75” – 9” 5.75”

Tensor Trucks History

Tensor Trucks is a skateboarding truck company founded and designed by professional skateboarder, Rodney Mullen, in 2000. Tensor’s parent company is Dwindle Distribution. The company offers trucks in three different heights (lo, mid, hi) that are tailored for different wheel diameters—the hi is designed for 58mm wheels and smaller; the mid for 54mm or smaller; and the lo for 52mm and smaller. Mullen holds US patent no. 6,443,471B1[1] for design features implemented in Tensors. Tensor’s trucks are manufactured in China.

From Rodlney Mullen:- I didn’t feel it was legitimate to just build another truck like an Indy [Independent Truck Co.]. I thought, ‘How can I do it differently?’ The way I skate was flip tricks—setting up your feet and landing.

I wanted to build a truck that would help you do those kind of things better. I wanted to build a truck that doesn’t turn that well because that’s going to help me. If you want that other truck, it’s already there. I don’t feel I deserve a place by copying someone else. That is the value I’ve always got from skateboarding—to be part of something bigger