Snokart Snowboard Airliner 170 cm Carrying Bag


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Snokart Snowboard Airliner 170 cm Carrying Bag

This Snokart Snowboard Airliner 170cm Carrying Bag will seperate your clothes and Snowboards from one and other.

Snowboards and clothes aren’t made for each other! Clothes are soft and dry, snowboards are hard and sharp and often wet.

Keep them apart in your luggage by using the Board AIRLINER.

This snowboard bag is also great for carrying your snowboard around resort or from slope to slope.

Also use it when carrying your board in the car, to help avoid getting your seats mucky or cuts to your upholstery.

The unique envelope shaping minimises extra fabric so making the bag light and easy to fold and pack down.

Easy access double-zip opening
Shoulder strap is detachable and adjustable
Big grab handle / storage hanging loop
Internal positioning strap
Ultra lightweight
Easy fold-up and pack down
Double heavy duty zips
Wire beaded edge gives extra support
Address window
Stockist Locator

For snowboards up to 170cm