Skimboard Blitz Circle One Surf Company


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Skimboard Blitz Circle One Surf Company

The Skimboard Blitz Circle One Surf Company is built to give you an Introduction To The Sport Of Skimboarding. The Cross-Ply Construction will have you Skimming in the shore breaks in no time and even getting out to the breaking wave once your confidence is up.

Never heard of Skimboarding ?

Skim boarding can be done on the shoreline without the need to paddle out into the surf. You don’t need massive waves to get started and you can build confidence as you go.

Like a lot of board sports, they take a little practice but if you already Skateboard, Snowboard, Wakeboard or other board sport, then you should find it quite easy to get into.

Timing is of the essence here. Watch the waves as they come in and time it in your head, how, long it takes you to run out to the wave and catch it before it breaks.

Once you have timing dialed in, run out to the wave with your board before it breaks, throw your board down in front of you and jump on your board and your forward momentum will push the  board forward into the wave.

You can turn the board into the wave and ride it, or air off the wave as it comes towards you.

Take a look at this guy who is a Skim Boarding expert for ideas on what you can do if you really want to push it or you fancy giving SKIMBOARDING a go, take a look here.


  • Cross-ply wood construction
  • Gloss lacquer finish
  • Ideal beginner/kids skim board
  • High density internal EVA rail, nose and tail reinforcement