Roxy XOXO Ladies Snowboard All Mountain Twin 2020


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Roxy XOXO Ladies Snowboard All Mountain Twin 2020

The XOXO snowboard is an award winning freestyle twin board, originally designed with Torah Bright for playful park days. The blunt nose and tail shape give it an edge for confident power moves. The XOXO keeps up with the trends and still keeps up with the pros, with enough pop and control for easy progression and style perfection.

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Size (cm) Contact
Length (cm)
Cut (m)
Nose / Tail
Width (cm)
Width (cm)
Min-Max / Set Back
10 = Firm
Range (lbs)
139 105 7.8 26.7 / 26.7 23.2 17.75″-22.5″ / 0″ 3 60-120
142 108 7.8 27.2 / 27.2 23.7 18.5″-23.5″ / 0″ 3 60-125
145 111 8.0 27.7 / 27.7 24.1 19.24″-24″ / 0″ 4 70-130
149 114 8.1 28.1 / 28.1 24.2 19.24″-24″ / 0″ 4 75-150
152 117 8.2 28.4 / 28.4 24.4 19.24″-24″ / 0″ 5 80-170

About Roxy,LIB -TECH and GNU

Roxy, GNU and Lib Tech is a collective of creative board sports dreamers who have eliminated any barriers between us and actualising the dream. A lot more than the obvious goes into every board we build. The belief that anything is possible. The experience to know what works. The enthusiasm and determination to make it happen. Highly skilled, magical, hands-on ripper kraftsmen. The world’s best athletes and terrain. Dynamic, multi-medium snowboarder artists. The most exotic, high performance, environmentally friendly materials. The safest, most efficient, environmentally friendly process. Maximised material yields, recycling and re-purposing. Zero Hazardous waste. We do it all ourselves because we love it and nobody does it better. The world’s best boards… dream boards.

Every Roxy, GNU and Lib Tech dream board is made by a real life American craftsmen building and testing the boards you’re going to ride. Our action craftsmen do it all from lunch break curb sessions to full on local heroes filming video parts and winning contests.

In the mountains, on a wave or on the shop floor, Roxy,GNU and Lib Tech has always been about self expression. There’s no better way to celebrate this creative spirit than by collaborating with artists for the bold, fun and “mid-evil” graphics we’re known for. Jamie Lynn, Quincy Quigg, Nick Russian, Mike Parillo, Schoph, Matt French, and Pika, to name a few. Their dream scapes brought to life on our Dream Boards, just as they intended, with brilliant colours and full bleeds using our unique Zero Hazardous Waste printing process.

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