Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Poles 110-135cm


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The new Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Poles 110-135cm is an adjustable freeski pole (110-135cm) with a durable, lightweight aluminum shaft, ergonomic World Cup grip with extended touring grip, quick-adjustment locking mechanism, and rotating powder basket.
Sold as a pair.

Size Available : ONE SIZE
Strap : New touring strap
Basket : Rotational Basket
Tip : Steel
Shaft :Telescopic 2 parts
Shaft : diameter 16/ 14mm
Shaft : type Zycral / Zycral
Grip : HERO + Thermo Sleeve

To find the perfect ski pole size, it’s ideal to wear your ski boots and even your skis. With the ski pole in hand, turn it upside down and grip the pole directly under the basket. Your upper arm must stay against your body and your elbow bent so the top of the pole grip is touching the floor. If the bend in your arm forms a 90 degree angle, the ski pole is the correct size.
If you don’t have a ski pole, use a broom stick, and follow the same steps as above. Then measure the distance between the top of your hand and the floor, and add 5cm.

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Rossignol have been around in the Ski industry for many years for good reason. They have produced Skis since 1907 with the first pair of skis being made out of wood by a carpenter called Abel Rossignol.

They have won many world cup events since 1937 which is testament to their exacting standards and quality and commitment to workmanship and research and development.

By 1948, due to many World cup wins and the brand taking the first Olmypic gold, the brand name became a household name. It was in 1956 that Rossignol was bought by Laurent Boix-Vives and started selling skis all over the world and to this day are one of the best market leading brands in ski hardware.