Riber SUP-Paddle Carbon-Soft Edge Black-White


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Riber SUP Paddle Carbon-Soft Edge Black-White

This Riber SUP Paddle Carbon-Soft Edge Black-White is designed for more advanced paddle boarders who want  weight saving and durability. The weight saving is a feature that will allow you to use the paddle for longer periods and most importantly, reduce fatigue for long distance adventures.

This This Riber SUP Paddle Carbon-Soft Edge Black-White is a more advanced paddle than the regular Aluminium one’s in our range. This paddle design has a blade angle to allow for more efficient paddling. The sliding  length adjustment system is operated at the flick of switch on the top of handle for ease of use.

The blade is made from durable plastic and has a rubberised trim on the edge  and therefore can take a beating and won’t chip compared to some carbon fibre or fibreglass blades.


  • Fully Adjustable paddle handle
  • Black Carbon Fibre shaft
  • Three piece collapsible Paddle for easy storage
  • Durable plastic blade
  • Rubberised soft edge around blade
  • Lightweight
  • Advanced blade design angle for more efficient paddle technique
  • Product Code 3012

Have you considered or are considering taking up Stand Up Paddleboarding (or SUP for short )?

SUP is  currently one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. This is because it offers a more calmer way of getting onto the water than canoeing or kayaking. It also offers a unique perspective of the world as you are 5-6 feet above the water.

We have watched anything from the fish swimming under your board to crabs running along the sea bed going about their business.

With iSUP boards now becoming more and more advanced, you will find riding these boards even easier. More importantly, you can take these boards anywhere very easily given their compact and portable nature.

Why not book onto our beginner courses. We have 3 levels on offer with a beginner course designed to get you standing up by the end of the session.

You can find details of our SUP lessons HERE

Take a look at our inflatable  Paddle board  (iSUP) range  HERE

We also offer solid touring and race Paddle boards. Please call us on 0121 423 1160 for details or pop into our shop in Halesowen if you wish to discuss your options  in more detail.


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