O’Brien HiLo Paddle Board 320cm Inflatable iSUP Package


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O’Brien HiLo Paddle Board 320cm Inflatable iSUP Package

With the O’Brien HiLo Paddle Board 320cm Inflatable iSUP Package, having fun while exploring waterways has never been so easy or affordable. This inflatable SUP utilises a well balanced shape to provide a smooth, stable ride on the water that everyone can enjoy. Packaged with a paddle, a heavy-duty backpack and a dual-action pump, you’ll have everything you need for a great day on the water. Adventure more with the Hilo.

One of the features that sets this SUP apart from other models of a smilar price is the 2 Layer double fused construction with advanced adhesive and heat molding process. This makes for a very stiff and tough, durable iSUP.

We also teach on this board and is part of our demo fleet so we can attest to the build quality, durability and ease of use.

  • 10’6″ / 320cm
  • Double Skinned, high performance adhesive, molded layers.
  • Packaged with a paddle, a heavy-duty mesh backpack and a dual-action pump
  • Inflatable Drop Stitch SUP – Easy travel. Easy storage. Highly Durable. Just pump it up and go.
  • Single removable fin
  • Front bungee system – Secure your dry bag and extra gear
  • Grab handle – Perfectly placed for easy carrying
  • Nose and tail D-Rings – Easily tie off your SUP while you go for a swim or explore land for a while
  • EVA Deck Pad – Soft, grippy cushioning for your feet

Manfufacturers Specifications

New for 2020, the O’Brien HiLo Paddle Board 320cm Inflatable iSUP Package comes complete with everything you need to immediately start enjoying your time on the water. Featuring a wider and longer platform, the HiLo delivers easy cruising for all levels of riders. Complete with a die cut, machine grooved EVA deck pad for reliable grip underfoot and bungee tie-downs on the nose, the O’Brien HiLo Paddle Board 320cm Inflatable iSUP Package has everything you need to make your next SUP experience an enjoyable one.

  • Hilo 10’6″
    length 320.04cm / 10’6″/126î
    Wdth 81.2cm / 32″
    Volume 252.57 Liters
    BEG. WT Limit 185 lbs
    INT. WT Limit 220 lbs
    ADV. WT Limit 290 lbs

If you would like to try boards like this then either book a SUP lesson with us at DR-SUP at our Barnt Green Location. South Birmingham, West Midlands. Or, our Upper Arley Venue near Bewdley, Worcestershire and now at our Waters Edge Location Bishampton, Worcestershire. If you are experienced, come and do a 5 mile river tour at one of  our other locations around the Midlands to really get a feel for O’Brien Paddleboards.

Paddleboarding World

As the world of paddleboards keeps expanding and evolving, so do our products. As a stand up paddleboard manufacturer, we have listened to the desires of our consumers and have built a product line that we couldn’t be more proud of. Whether you are interested in using a SUP for exploration, exercise, yoga, or just a means to get out and have fun on the water, we have a stand up paddle board to fit your needs.

Not only do we build our boards for different purposes, but we also use different shapes, styles, and construction materials to compliment their intended use. Looking at our boards you’ll notice that some are epoxy, some are inflatable, and we even have a soft top SUP. The epoxy boards are generally thought of as more performance oriented. This is the traditional stand up paddleboard construction and is what most people are familiar with. The inflatable stand up paddleboards are more of an emerging sector in paddleboarding. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to transport and use. On top of that, they require minimal storage space making them convenient for most people.

No SUP is complete without a paddle itself and of course we’ve got a few options. The bamboo carbon paddles provide the highest performance with their minimal weight and snappy responsiveness; ideal for long stand up paddle adventures. If you tend to be a little rough on your equipment or plan to spend most of your time paddling through areas with a lot of rocks or other hazards, then you may want to consider one of our aluminum paddles for additional durability.

Make sure to check out some of our additional accessories designed to protect you, your gear, and to just make things easier. Also, make sure you have a good SUP Buoyancy Aid. Depending one where you are paddling, there are different rules and regulations regarding Buoyancy Aids.. No matter what those rules are, your safest bet is to have one with you.


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