NST Eco Wax Serial Ski Snowboard Wax Remover Cleaner


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NST Eco Wax Serial Ski Snowboard Wax Remover Cleaner.

Here at Devine Ride, we try to be as enviro friendly as possible and so we stock eco friendly waxes and cleanrers that are kind to the enivonment so hoperully preserving things for future generations.

Serial Cleaner by NST is a ski wax remover and base cleaner unique in its composition. Made from 100% vegetable extract it is completely free of dangerous compounds.

Sold in 50ml spray

This base cleaner has the following features which make it great for the environment:

– Non-toxic
– Free of dangerous compounds
– Ecological – biodegradable
– No gas spray, non-flammable
– Solvent free, alcohol-free
– For best results, once wax remover is applied allow some time for Serial Cleaner to break down old ski wax. Now clean ski base. Once the base is clean and old wax removed, make sure to dry any residue thoroughly so the base is ready to accept new ski wax.

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