Northwave Hover Spin Boa Snowboard Boots Black 290


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Northwave Hover Spin Boa Snowboard Boots Black 290 are aimed at the intermediate to advanced rider looking for the advantages of the Super Lace (SL) system but with a BOA type closure. They are around 25% faster compared to other mechanical reel/BOA closure systems.They are slighyly softer than the Decade so will be a little more comforable and a little more foregiving. So if you like a bit of freestyle then these may be the boots for you as they will handle landing a decent kicker but at the flick of a wheel can be loosened for a bit of fun in the Snowpark for jibbing.



The boot laces pass through pre-curved lace loops
which helps to minimize friction. When the laces are
pulled to close the boot, they are simultaneously pulling
the webbing where the lace loops are linked tight
increasing heel stability. This mechanism is a result of
the webbing passing through a hole from the side of the
boot tightening the liner over the ankle area. The more
the lace is pulled the more power will be transferred
through the ankle area, increasing heel retention performance
and foot stability.


All our insoles are developed to match the thermoformable Northwave liners. The new insole Contour cushion consists of two EVA areas: one green and one black. The green part, more rigid, maintains the stability of your foot, the black part absorbs the strongest impacts.

Liner = TF1+ :

Thermo-Fit Foam
Malleable fit areas with injected memory
Exclusive tongue side-cut
Eva Footbed


Click here for a complete Snowboard Boot Technical spec and instructions on the using the boot closure systems.