Marker Ski Binding Squire 11 ID 90mm White


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The new Marker Ski Binding Squire 11 ID 90mm White suits intermediate and lighter weight advanced skiers looking for great power transmission in a very light weight freeride binding. The Triple Pivot Light Toe and Hollow Linkage Heel make the binding compact as well as sturdy. Its SOLE.ID technology allows the shop to adjust the binding to accommodate either AT or Alpine boot sole norms. This gives the skier the ultimate flexibility, and allows them to choose a boot with easy to walk soles like GripWalk, to make it easier and (and more fun!) to walk in ski boots. Available in 3 color combinations.


Brake width – 90mm

1530 g (90 mm)
1540 g (110 mm)

Din/ISO Range – 3.0 – 11.0
Recom. Skier’s Weight – 30 – 110 kg
Stand height w/o ski – 22 mm
Toe System – Triple Pivot Light
AFD Gliding Plate – Stainless steel, height adjustable
Step-in Heel – Hollow Linkage


The heel was also redesigned from the ground up to optimize retention for all types of alpine and touring soles. The aluminium hollow axle saves on weight and maximizes the torsional stiffness. This very robust heel construction is best suited for the most strenuous of requirements.


The compact toe features a horizontally inserted spring. Together with the gliding plate the gliding elements integrated into the sole holders ensure a very precise release behaviour which is comparable to all other MARKER bindings. Why should touring skiers and freestylers accept any compromises? An aluminium bridge on the top provides additional support without adding any extra weight.


All MARKER bindings are equipped with a moveable AFD (anti friction device) leading to a highly precise release almost entirely unhindered by dirt, snow and ice! Individual adjustment of the AFD to the area of application ensures perfect functionality – from racing, for children’s bindings or on ski tours.

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