Kunzmann Racing Universal Ski Snowboard Wax LG Sport


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Kunzmann Racing Universal Ski Snowboard Wax LG Sport

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A high performance universal race wax with a blend of Fluro and Hydrocarbons to get the best of both worlds and super glide and resilience.

  • A very affordable wax for regular Ski racers or Snowboarders wanting an everyday wax that wont break the bank.
  • This wax can be rubbed or ironed on however, ironing on is the preferred method to ensure maximum penetration.
  • Temperature range -10 to +10 degrees

The name “Kunzmann” stands for over 40 years of innovative products to the Snowsports Industry where reliability, quality and development counts.

Kunzmann produce a range of products in the LG Sport such as:-

Ski & Snowboard tools
Ski & Snowboard wax
Tuning Tools
Workshop accessories


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