Kunzmann Aluminium Oxide Stone 70x25mm Speed Tools (3253)


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Kunzmann Aluminium Oxide Stone 70x25mm Speed Tools (3253)

This Kunzmann Aluminium Oxide Stone 70x25mm Speed Tools (3253) fits all the speed tool sharpeners. For instance the Speed Compact that we sell.

This Kunzmann Alu Oxide Stone 70 x 25 mm ( 3253) is ideal for de-burring and  smoothing the edge of skis or snowboard.

It is particularly used for getting through case hardened edges where the ski has hit a rock at speed.

Case hardened edges can be seen by their discoloured marks along the edges. Generally they are blue, red or purple colour.

To cut through the case hardened area, clamp the stone in your file guide and do complete passes along the Ski edge and repeat with the stone until the discolouration is removed. Then use a regular steel file to go over it again.

Then use a diamond file to give it a nice clean, sharp finish.

If you are having trouble with your normal file cutting your Ski and Snowboard edges then go over the edges with this stone first.

This will deposit some of the stone on the edges and will help the steel file cut the Ski or Snowboard edges much better.

Good Ski and Snowboard maintenance is as important as maintaining your car, mountain bike or anything else for that matter. You change the oil in your car engine so it doesn’t seize up, well the same goes for Skis and Snowboards. You keep them serviced and maintained and they will repay you in good times on the mountain and if you decide to sell them on then you’ll retain more of your hard earned money, Devine Ride, offer an extensive range of Ski and Snowboard tools that you can buy separately or as a complete tuning kit. Club together with your friends to help keep the costs down and the tools will pay for themselves over time and you will get the satisfaction of knowing you are riding on Ski’s or Board’s you have prepared and maintained yourself.

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