Kunzmann Abrasive Gummi-stone large 3247 120 x 67 x 30 mm


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Kunzmann Abrasive Gummi-stone large 3247 120 x 67 x 30 mm

A useful addition to your portable servicing tool kit, the Kunzmann Abrasive Gummi stone large 3247 can be used for:-


  • Deburring sharpened edges to remove hanging burrs.
  • Smoothing base material
  • Smoothing top sheet tears and dings to stop the damage progressing
  • Removing rust from edges without changing the angles
  • 120 x 67 x 30 mm

The name “Kunzmann” stands for over 40 years for innovative product oriented to customer, reliable quality in the development,

FK Kunzmann Sports Products, Germany has been the source for edge and base finishing tools since 1960.

Fritz Kunzmann has spent a lifetime developing tools that make accurate and easy edge and base tunes possible.

In the beginning these tools were designed and used only by race tuners and backshops. Today FK Ski & Snowboard tools are the hand tuning tools that experts use for accuracy and beginners choose for value and simplicity. Around the world you will find their tools in the backshop and in the home tool box.

Kunzmann’s total focus is on bringing you the tools, the waxes and accessories you need to improve your on snow sliding experience. You won’t find more innovation, quality, performance or value from anyone.

Among the many lines of products, Kunzmann produce for worldwide distribution :-

-Ski & Snowboard tools
-Ski & Snowboard wax (care products)
-Tuning Tools
-Workshop accessories
-Moulding parts for industries
-Injection moulding tools

Kunzmann also produce accessories for Ski & hiking poles, such as grips, baskets, tips etc. If required please ask us for details


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