Kryptonics Star-trac Red Skateboard Wheels 75mm


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Kryptonics Star-trac Red Skateboard Wheels 75mm

These Kryptonics Start-trac Red Skateboard Wheels 75mm with their unique red formula delivers a fast,smooth roll even on very rough surface conditions. The soft (78A durometer) Forgiving compound absorbs shock and swallows bumps to keep the wheel on the ground in control it’s quiet, stable and fast. performance you can count on.

Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels | The Originals since 1976.
Following in the footsteps of Jim Ford, a young Kryptonics employee who snuck into the factory after hours in 1976 to create the first Star Trac wheels, and brilliant urethane chemist Chuck Demarest, Dusters California have brought back Kryptonics Star Trac Wheels and reformulated the softer compounds to be tougher and faster. These new compounds and other major advancements come together in a sophisticated selection of skateboard wheels.

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