Enjoi Whitey Panda 8.25″ White Skate Deck


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Enjoi Whitey Panda 8.25″ White Skate Deck

The Enjoi Whitey Panda 8.25″ White Skate Deck is a classic from Enjoi. He keeps coming back around as he such a popular little guy. And for good reason, he’s packed with features:-

  • Deck Width: 7.75″, 8″, 8.25″, 8.5″
  • Deck Length: 31.1″, 31.6″, 32″, 32.1″
  • Wheelbase: 13.88″ (7.75″), 14.25″
  • Graphic: Whitey Panda
  • Mellow Concave, Steep Kick
  • Construction: Resin-7 Deck, Single Press


  • 7-ply 100% Canadian Maple w/ Epoxy Resin Glue

These boards are made with 100% Canadian Maple using Resin-7 Technology in a Single Press, making them stronger than industry standard 7-Ply. R7 decks are of the highest quality, providing excellent pop that lasts and consistent shape for every deck.


7-Ply Epoxy construction

Lighter and stronger than the standard 7 – ply.

Epoxy is more aggressive than the normal water-base glue, which is the industry standard.

Since epoxy is so strong,less of it is used yielding a considerably lighter, better deck that is stiffer and keeps its pop longer than normal water based decks.

From our pro riders of view, the most important step is the fact that every single board is pressed individually. Standard manufacturing presses decks at a time, resulting in 5 similar, yet distinct variations. dsm’s individual pressing ensures that every deck feels exactly the same.

30 – Day Warranty Against War page.

NOTE Wheels, Trucks and Grip Tape Sold separate.

Enjoi is a skateboarding company that produces skateboard decks as the brand’s primary product; the company also manufactures skateboarding accessories and clothing. The company has, since inception, adopted a stylized panda as its logo.

The company was founded in 2000 by professional skateboarder Marc Johnson with the support of Rodney Mullen—both had previously been teammates in a company founded by Mullen and Steve Rocco (Rocco is the founder of World Industries and co-founded Dwindle Distribution with Mullen.

Team riders are:

  • Cairo Foster
  • Caswell Berry
  • Louie Barletta
  • Nestor Judkins
  • Zack Wallin
  • Clark Hassler
  • Thaynan Costa
  • Jackson Pilz