Datawax Flouro High Performance Warm Snow Wax


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Datawax Flouro High Performance Warm Snow Wax

DataWax Sunfire gives great acceleration and long lasting glide in wet or granulated snow conditions. This soft wax works best in wetter snow conditions. The additional fluoro’s hydrophobic content repels the high water content in the snow and stops the ski or board from rapid deceleration on wet snow.
• Perfect wax when the snow temperature is at or above -2°C
• For best results use an iron to hot wax Sunfire into the base.
• Sunfire can easily be used as a rub on wax.
• Perfect for end of season skiing.
• Iron on Temperature 100°C

Works best as an iron on wax, but is also able to be used as a rub on.

Selecting Iron on Waxes

Selecting your wax is mainly affected by snow temperature.  Remember that it is the temperature of the snow and not the air temperature. The only way to measure snow temperature accurately is to use a thermometer, however this is rarely practical, especially if you are servicing before your holiday!

Universal wax is designed for all snow conditions and covers the wide range of snow temperatures and types. This makes it ideal for anyone unsure of the conditions they will be skiing or boarding in. DataWax’s Universal is also designed to be extremely long lasting by having additives to ensure it stays in the base for as long as possible. Universal is ideal for all conditions, therefore does not offer the same level of performance as a temperature specific wax.

Using the correctly selected temperature wax will massively increase performance, however a difficult balance exists as the wrong wax can actually increase drag due to the structure of the snow and the wax being incompatible.  If you are in doubt, we suggest using Universal or a wax slightly colder than you predict the snow to be.

The colder waxes are harder, therefore will not create drag against the snow surface.

DataWax manufacture three high performance and temperature specific waxes for use on snow in alpine environments.

These performance grade waxes are:

  • Butane

For -6 to -16°C, manmade and glacier snow

  • Magma

For -8 to 0 °C, mid season

  • Sunfire

For -2°C and warmer, wet slushy snow

We have various mixes available, depending on the season, as waxes may be combined for better effects.  If you would like a selection of all three colours then there is a winter, alpine or spring mix containing 2 sticks of each of the three colours with an additional 2 sticks of the wax most favourable for the time of year.

All DataWax waxes contain fluorocarbons, which are very hydrophobic (repel water molecules). Our level of fluorocarbons are designed to increase glide and speed, however are not recommended for high level ski racing. Fluorocarbons are especially effective in wet or slushy conditions by repelling the water from the bases.

Snow Wax Choice

Wax Type

Temperature Surface Humidity
Universal All snow temperatures Snow All
Butane -6 to -16°C Snow Low
Magma -8 to 0 °C Snow Medium
Sunfire -2°C and warmer Snow


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