Darkstar Felix Hybrid Black 8.125 Skate Deck


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Darkstar Felix Hybrid Black 8.125 Skate Deck

This Darkstar Felix Hybrid Black 8.125 Skate Deck will have you popping ollies has high as a car. These decks are packed with features so offer great bang for your buck.


  • width: 8.125″
  • length: 31.7″
  • wheelbase: 14.25″
  • nose: 6.875″
  • tail: 6.375″
  • high concave with steep kicks
  • standard popsicle shape
  • Resin Hybrid Hard Rock Canadian Maple construction
  • 7-ply Hardrock & Canadian maple blend with epoxy resin glue
  • lighter, keeping its pop longer
  • single deck press
  • part of the Regrowth Project which plants two trees for each tree used
  • Delivery series
  • Darkstar x Felix The Cat collaboration

Felix the cat Dark Star Skate deck

Epoxy resin glue, single deck press.


About Darkstar Skateboards

We often get asked “are Darkstar Skateboards any good ?”

So here’s a little information on their history.

Founded in 1997 by legendary pro skater Chet Thomas, Darkstar Skateboards originally began life as a wheel company before diversifying into skateboards under the Dwindle Distribution umbrella.

All of Darkstar’s skateboards are made via Dwindle’s own manufacturing operation DSM, which is highly regulated and is able to insure consistency of product by using a single deck pressing technique, rather than pressing up to five boards at a time as is common with certain other woodshops.

DSM also uses its own patented epoxy formulas and creates its own veneers from logs imported from the Great Lakes region of North America to guarantee uniformity and high quality control over the raw materials used.

All Darkstar skateboards also come with a guarantee against breakage and the brand offer to directly replace any decks where the terms and conditions of the warranty are upheld.

More information about Darkstar’s warranty system can be found HERE

So the answer is YES. Darkstar Skateboards are up their with the best and have team riders Ryan Decenzo, Greg Lutzka, PLG, Manolo Robles, Cameo Wilson, Dave Bachinsky & John Hanlon to back this up.