Snowboarding Boots

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Snowboarding Boots-sold and professionally fitted Devine Ride Midlands

Northwave and Nitro have been around for many years selling quality Snowboard boots for men, women and children. Both companies have developed their boots year on year to become some of the best fitting, “first on” fitting boots within the industry. Northwaves Super Lace system (SL) is very well established as the market leader for their anti heel lift system. Why not come into the shop and try a few pairs on and feel the difference, you wont be dissapointed.

Snowboarding boots are the very first thing you should buy even before considering a snowboard and bindings. They are the most important part of your kit as they need to fit correctly as the last thing you want is foot pain while on the hill. If you don’t have foot pain then you can then concentrate on the task in hand –  perfecting your snowboarding technique and having fun.