Salomon Snowboard Boots

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Salomon Snowboard Boots – A leading brand of Snowboard Boots for Beginners to intermediates with high tech lacing systems, excellent fit and comfort.

Salomon as a company have been around since 1947, originally founded in Annecy, France and have produced Skis for as long. With their expert knowledge they came into the Snowboard market around 1995.

Since then Salomon Snowboard Boots have gone from strength to strength with the design and Technology of their Snowboard boots and are now one of the best and  most respected Snowboard Boot brands around.

They have various pro riders currently on their team and the most notable being Louif Paradis and Jed Anderson.

Salomon also produce Snowboards and have been getting technical with their board line right from the start and keeping it simple with the graphics, Salomon Snowboards successfully launched into the industry. Having Daniel Frank and Michelle Targat as part of their first team helped keep it legit and access the European market as well.

We test all of the snowboards we stock here at Devine Ride alongside the rest of the  industry. The general consensus has been for some years now that Salomon now produce some of the most ride-able boards on the market.

If you don’t believe us, try one for size. Were sure you wont be disappointed.